Biography of Marco A. Motroni

On May 19th, 1945, in Havana, Cuba, Lilia Suarez and her husband Marco Antonio Motroni Gonzalez were blessed with the birth of their second son, Marco Alberto Motroni. Marco grew up in Havana, Cuba where he lived with his parents and his older brother Hector Motroni.

Shortly after the untimely passing of Marco and Hector's father in the mid 50's, Lilia, Hector, and Marco moved to the United States and settled in the capital of the world, New York City. Marco was approximately 11 years old and spoke no English at the time, but took the move to his new home on the upper west side as the opportunity to reinvent himself. He learned to speak English and graduated from George Washington High School in Manhattan in 1963.

The 60's proved to be a time of big changes for Marco. Marco began his life of music in the 60's when he became the lead vocalist of the newly formed charanga band, Orquesta Novel. He spent the next 20 years singing with the band and recording several albums. The 60's also proved to be a big change in Marco's personal life, as well. He met his first wife, Hilda Madera and married her in 1965. Shortly after, they were blessed with the birth of his first 2 sons, Mark "Marquito" Motroni, Jr. on June 7th, 1966 and George "Saso" Motroni on January 25th, 1968.

The 70's ended up becoming quite a shift in Marco's life as well. Although he continued singing with Orquesta Novel, Marco also began his career as a broker-trader on Wall Street. Marco also met the mother of his third son and wife, Emily. On April 22nd, 1978, Marco and Emily were blessed with the birth of their son, Christopher Mark Motroni.

Marco went on to become a 25-year veteran trader on Wall Street, finally working at Carr Futures until September 11th, 2001.

Marco was a son, husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin, athlete, singer, broker-trader, colleague, friend...and ultimately, a hero...he truly became everything. He died for his country, fighting a war none of us knew we were fighting.