Love sent from Boston

The Motroni family would like to extend their sincere thanks to Pauline Bonanno, from Boston, MA, who was kind enough to make a quilt square in honor of Marco for the "9.11 Victims Memorial Quilt" ( Pauline and I have communicated through e-mail a bit and she told me that she just got back from California, where the quilt is being assembled. Shr personally brought Marco's quilt square there and helped with the sewing together of the quilt panels. Pauline did not know Marco, but chose his name from the victims list and found information about his life on this web site to incorporate into the quilt square. She really enjoyed Orquesta Novel's music that she had a chance to listen to through the Motroni site.

Pauline said she will e-mail me some pictures she took while she was in California, but in the meantime, below is a picture of the square Pauline made for Marco. I think it came out beautifully. The quilt will begin a tour in the next couple of months and will pass through NY during the tour. I will post information about the tour dates as soon as I hear anything. Thanks again, Pauline. God bless!