Olympic Torch Run

A colleague of Hector's at Xerox named Mike Long was honored by carrying the Olympic Torch in Rochester on New Year's Eve. In his run, he carried Marco's picture in a pouch over his heart to honor his memory and the memory of other Xerox employees and
relatives who died in the attack. Below is Mike's note along his picture and card. Thanks Mike...we appreciate it! God bless!


Happy New Year to my friends and colleagues:

As some of you are aware, I was one of two Xerox employees who had the honor
of carrying the Olympic Torch here in Rochester on New Year's Eve.

I carried the Torch in honor of the Xerox employees, former employees and
relatives of employees who perished on 9/11. In a pouch over my heart were
photographs given to me by the families of Sean Booker, Robert Chin, Marco
Motroni, Todd Pelino, Diane & George Simmons and Zack Zeng.

"Once in a lifetime" is almost the ultimate cliché, but also the only way to
describe this wonderful experience. Before my Torch was lit I was terrified
that I would stumble and extinguish the Olympic flame (resulting in the
cancellation of the Winter Games) or light myself and/or the spectators on
fire. But when the flame leapt to my Torch I suddenly felt that I could
carry it gracefully all the way to Salt Lake City. All good things must end,
though, and after 2/10 of a mile I passed the flame to the torch of a
beautiful young lady.

I just wanted to let you know that, if you are in Rochester, there will be a
little display in the Commons area of the fifth floor of Xerox Square until
Friday January 5th. You are welcome to come see the Olympic Torch I carried,
the Torchbearer uniform and the victims' photographs, as well as some
photographs of the Torch Relay that (available Wednesday afternoon).

Keep smiling throughout 2002 and let's all hope for a MUCH better year.